Point of Sale

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Management Platforms - Point of Sale | https://www.merchanttree.com/ - 22From managing your inventory to collecting data, Merchant Tree provides you with the complete point-of-sale solution, including mobile credit card processing, point-of-sale systems and merchant accounts that can take your business to the next level. Whether you are operating in a single or multiple location or you have an e-commerce site, Merchant Tree is your one-stop-shop for the best POS software and merchant account solutions that are flexible and affordable. 

We Give Control Back to You with Our Point-of-Sale Software!

Create User Accounts

With our POS system you get to create user accounts and assign permissions accordingly for each of your employees, allowing you to keep track of the flow of information throughout your organization.

Track Employee Performance

You can increase accountability of your store by tracking employee performance to improve sales.

Better Cash Management

You can easily reduce the amount of errors and discrepancies in your business by keeping track of all the sales transactions and other day-to-day functions- from cash float to cash withdrawals.

Our POS System Speeds Up the Checkout Process

What sets Merchant Tree apart from the rest is our powerful and flexible point-of-sale system which allows businesses to speed up the checkout process. The following are some of the improvements you will get with Merchant Tree’s POS system:

Create Customized Buttons

Even in stores, some tasks are more important than others. You can create custom buttons on your POS system, making it easier for the customer to checkout after they have made a sale. 

Better Product Search

With our point-of-sale software you can add new products easily or replace best selling products with ease so your inventory is always full of the products your customers love. Our POS system also makes it easier to find products or customers. All you have to do is enter the relevant keyword or use a bar code scanner. 

Make Sales Notes

Sometimes you need to add sales notes on line items that will appear on the receipts about important information such as instructions, discounts etc. Our POS system makes it easier to add notes which can be viewed by the customers. 

Add Discounts

You can add discounts where required with our POS system. These discounts can be added to specific items in your inventory or to the customer’s basket.

Handling Receipts

You can easily customize customer receipts and add in your company’s logo and website address. Choose from a number of templates for your receipt and choose from a list of languages to get the receipt design that suits your e-commerce website best. 

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