Gift and Loyalty

Reward Your Customers' Loyalty and They'll Reward You with More Sales!

Growth Platform - Gift and Loyalty | - loyaltyUsing custom gift and loyalty cards is a great way to encourage your visitors to turn into repeat clients of your business. Merchant Tree provides its clients with the complete turn-key solution that’s hassle-free and allows e-commerce businesses to increase their customer base with the least effort. So, what are you waiting for? Increase your revenue today by signing up for one of our gift and loyalty programs.

What sets Merchant Tree apart from the rest is that we offer our clients the ability to provide their clients with something they would appreciate in the form of gift cards and loyalty cards. The transaction cards are redeemable and can allow customer to make flexible decisions and add more incentives for the customer when making a purchase for goods or services from your online store. 

Three Ways to Boost Sales!

The gift cards and loyalty cards options we offer at Merchant Tree include:

  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Combination Gifts and Loyalty Cards

At Merchant Tree, we go the extra mile when it comes to providing our clients with great card and loyalty cards along with the support and expertise it takes to make an unbelievable loyalty program for your business. Our experts at Merchant Tree will make sure that your merchant payment terminal is able to process the gift cards and ensure that your customers are able to receive their gift cards and loyalty cards when intended. We will help you create your gift cards and get you started with the process of rewarding your customers with premium quality gift and loyalty cards.

Grow Your Brand by Leveraging Gift Cards

Even large retailers have figured out that rewarding their customers with high quality gift cards is an essential way of growing the number of loyal customers of their brand. Using gift cards and loyalty cards is a valuable tool to earn additional revenue for your business yet, it seems that many startups and SMEs still do not utilize this powerful tool to their advantage. To the business owner who is already wearing multiple hats, including gift cards only looks like another challenge that they would have to face- but it doesn’t have to be that way!

A Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Merchant Tree is the full service credit processing solution provider, but our specialized services do not just end at the door. Merchant Tree has the ideal solution for e-commerce merchants who are looking to integrate gift or loyalty programs into their services. Our experts can easily implement gift or loyalty card programs in a turnkey manner which can increase your profits substantially without adding to your overhead costs. Our services cover everything from setting up your merchant payment terminal for swiping the gift cards to designing the look of your gift cards.

Some Amazing Facts About Gift Cards:

  • On average, customers who receive gift cards spend around $29 over the purchased value of the gift card. 61% of all gift card holders on average, spend more than the original amount on a gift card. The rationale behind this consumer behavior is that if the gift card they received was for $50, and the item they wish purchase will cost $75, there’s only a $25 difference out of pocket. 
  • Including gift cards to an e-commerce business offers added value since it encourages extra spending which may not happen if gift cards were not being used. 
  • Offering gift cards has also been known to help minimize ‘buyer’s remorse.’

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More with Our High Quality Gift Cards!

Using gift cards or loyalty cards is a great way of creating stickiness with your customer that turns even the casual visitors into long term loyal customers, who don’t just browse through your products, but also make a purchase.

Creating a strong gift card or loyalty program can enable you to capture more customers! It’s that simple!

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