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Management Platforms - Payroll | - AdobeStock_129551089Merchant Tree provides small businesses and SMEs with a simple way to implement their payroll along with specialized features which help reduce cost, save time and eliminate any chances of liability. Whether you already have a payroll software and want to replace it, or you're trying a payroll service for the first time, Merchant Tree can make sure that your business is properly integrated with a reliable and efficient payroll solution.

Get a Superior Payroll Service that’s Affordable!

At Merchant Tree, we believe that businesses deserve the very best in payroll solutions, and that is exactly what we give you. Our premium quality payroll services can be yours at an incredible flat rate that fits your budget. The software is scalable so you can select further add-ons as you go, such as a time clock or HR support modules which will enhance the payroll process. 

Our Payroll Features

Regardless of the size of your business, you are going to need a payroll system that allows you to minimize the time spent on creating payrolls for your employees. Merchant Tree provides you with an easy solution that allows you to streamline the entire payroll process, making sure that your employee payrolls are created on-time and are error-free. 

Merchant Tree fully recognizes the issues that businesses have to deal with and we rise to the occasion with our robust payroll system that creates payrolls easily, eliminates stress and reduces the risks that are usually involved in the payroll process. 

Merchant Tree is the Best Payroll Solution!

We offer the following benefits with our payroll solution:

Get the Complete Management Solution

We offer comprehensive payroll services which allow businesses to manage all aspects of their payroll including employees 401K management and worker’s compensation. We provide you with complete control over your information at all times. We offer a cloud-based POS solution that is easily accessible from any place at any time, allowing you to have the flexibility you need to run your business in the best and most efficient way possible. 

Manage Your Taxes More Efficiently

Our payroll solution makes it easier to handle your taxes as well. Business owners are able to review individual payroll accounts, as well as handle all payments and reporting at all levels. Thanks to our real time processing of payrolls and tax calculations, Merchant Tree gives you a way to be a more efficient manager by relieving the tension and stress that comes along when creating employee payrolls.

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