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Products - Capital to Grow | - capitolMerchant Tree has teamed up with the best funding companies within the country to help businesses and startups get easy access to the necessary funding they need to purchase new equipment and grow their business. Once you get our specialized point-of-sale system, mobile credit card processing solutions and web development services, getting the capital you need to grow from us is a no-brainer!

Unlike bank loans, merchant cash advances don’t require monthly payments, and there’s nothing to set up with your bank; so businesses do not have to deal with high interest rates.

Specialized Industry Partnerships

Resellers who specialize in one particular industry can profit greatly from the customized solutions Merchant Tree has to offer. If you work specifically with retail, healthcare, restaurants, or any other line of business, ask about our Affiliate Program and get the marketing help and resources made specifically for your business needs.

  • Fast and Easy Online Application Form
  • Get Access to the Finances You Need Within a Minimum Time Period
  • Our Easy and Automated Capital Services Ensure a Simplified Repayment Process
  • Choose Payments Solutions Along with Powerful Tools to Help Your Business Grow
  • Countless Businesses Have Entrusted Us with Their Business Because We Deliver Every Time

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Merchant Tree is your one-stop-shop for full-service merchant solutions right at your door step. To find out more, please feel free to contact us or call us at (800) 610-3922 today!