Merchant Cash Advance in Wyoming MI: Helping Drive Your Business

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Merchant Tree is Wyoming MI's leading source for small business loans and merchant cash advance solutions for businesses. Starting a business isn't cheap. From buying equipment to hiring employees to renting an office, no company can get off the ground without a significant amount of starting capital. Obtaining this capital isn't easy, especially if you won't be able to pay it back for a while.

Merchant Tree's business cash advance services provide the financing you need to get your business going. By partnering with premium business lender institutions, you can obtain full funding while avoiding the excessive monthly payments common from bank loans. There will be no obstacle to turning your ideas into a thriving business.

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Flexible Merchant Cash Advance Programs for Wyoming MI Businesses

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Small Business Financing Without Complications

While many new and small businesses find themselves in need of funding at some point, obtaining a business loan from a traditional bank can be very difficult in the current economic climate. A small business owner will face a number of hurdles in applying for a business loan, from extensive paperwork to the lengthy approval process with low approval rates. Many business owners find themselves unable to obtain financing from traditional sources of capital.

Furthermore, even if you do qualify for a business loan, the high fixed monthly payments, required personal guarantees and collateral to secure the loan and the restrictions placed on the use of the funds can make traditional business loans unworkable for many small businesses and start-ups.

Merchant cash advances can offer an easy, quick and affordable alternative to traditional bank loans. The application process is streamlined and based primarily on your monthly credit card receivables, and approval rates are high with minimal credit requirements. The repayment process is flexible and tied to your sales volume, and the funds you receive through a merchant cash advance can be used for any needed business purpose. No personal guarantees or collateral pledges of your business or home are required, and you will remain eligible to qualify for alternative financing if needed. Moreover, unlike the high interest rates associated with a business loan or business line of credit, the cost of capital using a merchant cash advance is much lower.

How Merchant Cash Advances Work

Unlike traditional small business loans from a bank, merchant cash advances don't require set monthly payments. Instead, repayment is linked directly to the funds you receive monthly from your processed credit card payments. All repayments are automatically put toward any remaining balance until the entire cash advance is paid back. Because repayment is based on a small fixed percentage of these credit card receivables, you can more easily manage your business' cash flow in lean months. While the monthly fixed payment required by a traditional bank loan will stay the same in bad months as in good, the repayment on your merchant cash advance will keep in line with your monthly credit card revenue to make slower months easier to manage.

Gain Access to Working Capital

Whether you are looking to fund a business expansion, remodel your place of business, finance an emergency repair, purchase needed equipment or necessary inventory, cover an unexpected business tax bill or simply pay off high-interest business debt, a merchant cash advance could be the perfect solution for your business. The lack of limitations on the use of funds from a merchant cash advance also means that your working capital remains flexible and can be applied to alternate business uses if the need arises.

By providing you cash advances, Merchant Tree invests in your future and that of the broader economy. We will therefore do everything we can to make sure your business succeeds. For more information or to obtain the credit you need, contact us today.